Terms and Conditions



Section 1: Our Products

1A: Product Safety

All products are clearly labeled with the ingredients that product contains. By accepting, you verify that you have read the list of ingredients, and understand these ingredients are in that product. You agree that you are aware of any and all allergens contained in the product, and that anyone you are gifting the product to is also aware of the ingredients. Any damage sustained to yourself or other people you have supplied the product to by way of allergic reaction you agree is self inflicted, or you yourself take responsability. It is recomended you discuss with a healthcare proffessional your desired use of any product from Paleo-Physis. By accepting these terms, you agree the owners and employees of Paleo-Physis are not liable for any damages and/or medical expenses.

1B: Product Ingredients and Safety

We list all ingredients used in each product clearly and legibly. We do not list the amounts of each ingredient, but do list them in the order of "most to least" used. We control what goes into the products we make, but not the chemical potency of the ingredients provided to us by third parties. We go by good faith that their ingredients are as natural and as pure as they state them to be. The use of the terms "natural" or "raw" or "unrefined" or "100% pure" are all terms which stand under that good faith dedication. If we find an ingredient to not be exactly what the provider says, we will discontinue the use of that ingredient and find other suppliers. We also cannot gaurantee the safety of any ingredient provided to us from a third party. Under the good faith method, we do not provide warranty for any contamination of a third party ingredient. Every item we make goes through a "batch testing" phase before it is released to any customer. We test for various things including (but not limited to) reactivity, pH, texture, consistency, and control pass/fail scoring. By accepting these terms, you agree the owners and employees of Paleo-Physis are not to be held accountable for an ingredient not being "natural" or "raw" or "unrefined" or "100% pure" or unsafe to use because of a third party ingredient. 

1C: Product Packaging and Safety

We buy high quality packaging for our products, but we cannot gaurantee the purity and/or safety of any packaging we use due to contamination and/or lack of quality from the manufacturer of these items. We go by the good faith method that all products provided to us for use from a third party are as described by that producer at the time of purchase. By accepting these terms, you agree the owners and employees of Paleo-Physis are not to be held responsibile for any damages or injuries sustained or expenses accrued from the product packaging, labeling, wrapping, or contamination therof.


Section 2: Returns, Warranties, and Defects

2A: Returns

Returns are accepted on a "case by case" basis. We reserve the right to either accept or not accept a return after corresponding with the customer via written electronic mail, otherwise known as "email." This correspondence may or may not include or request photographic documentation, tracking numbers, and other information as deemed necessary by a representative of Paleo-Physis. Return shipping (unless otherwise stated) is the sole responsability of the original purchaser, and may or may not require a tracking number and/or delivery confirmation information. Returns, if accepted, will be required to have adequate packaging to protect the product(s) from damage during return transit. Any damage sustained during return transit will be the responsibilty of the original purchaser. A restocking fee may or may not apply to the return, depending on the nature of the return and/or the facts within the correspondence with the original purchaser and a representative of Paleo-Physis. By accepting these terms, you agree that there is no set return policy, returns are handled on a "case to case" basis, and that returns are not gauranteed.

2B: Warranties

The products sold by Paleo-Physis do not hold a warranty for anything other than original manufacturing defects as described below in Section 2C. We cannot guarantee the products will treat any type of medical condition or out perform other products on or off the market. 

2C: Defects

A defect in a product sold by Paleo-Physis must be branded as such by a representative of Paleo-Physis after adequate correspondence and may or may not include/require photographic documentation. We make no definitive examples of a defect, and only consider a serious inconsistencey in manufacturing as such. Natural products vary slightly in color, texture, fragrance, and consistency, and are not held as defects.

Section 3: Privacy

The personal information obtained by the owners and employees of Paleo-Physis is kept confidential. We will NEVER sell your personal information to any party, or use your personal information for anything other than shipments, correspondence, and subscribed notifications. 


By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to ALL above statements, and release the owners and employees of Paleo-Physis of any and all liability, medical expenses, and legal requirements. You agree that you or the original purchaser are the sole party responsible for any and all damages from the use of any and all Paleo-Physis products, and free the owners and employees of Paleo-Physis from all litigation.


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