Tamanu Lysine Lip Balm

Tamanu Lysine Lip Balm
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We set out to make a lip balm that would help even the worst of the worst lips. This balm would need to nourish and promote healing of cracks, sores, and wounds. Not only do I think we succeeded, but I think we surpassed our original goal.


First of all, Tamanu oil is amazing stuff. There are so many incredible qualities of this oil that we can't list them all here. Just a few of those qualities are how quickly it absorbs into the skin, how it promotes cellular regeneration, and how it boost the production of new skin. A true healing oil that comes from a natural, wild plant.


Lysine, on the other hand, is an essential amino acid that your body cannot produce. It has been suggested to be an antiviral that promotes cellular regeneration and collagen production, which speeds recovery of soft tissue healing.


Combine the two, add the power of eucalyptus and the amazing emollient properties of lanolin; and you have a lip balm that not only heals, but saturates your lips with moisture, and leaves them feeling silky smooth.


This balm uses our proprietary blend of avocado and mango butters teamed up with beneficial oils to soften, soothe, and repair.


Scent: Medicinal, slightly eforvescent
Best use: Daily balm for chapped or cracked lips
Skin Feel: Thick, waxy, exfoliating, slightly tacky
(Note: Exfoliation in this balm is natural, helps soften skin, and then absorbs; leaving a smooth finish)


Approximately .15 to .18 ounces.
Standard lip balm size. 
Our lip balms vary slightly in weight and color from batch to batch because it is a natural product.
Comes in a clear, BPA free twist tube.


Lysine Infused Coconut Oil
Mango Butter
Avocado Butter
Argan Oil
Jojoba Oil
Tamanu Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Our lip balms are as pure and natural as you can possibly get.

  • All completely handmade from scratch, each balm is carefully calculated to contain as many hydrating compounds as possible.
  • All ingredients are as raw and unprocessed as possible, many being homegrown.
  • There is no petroleum, no dyes, no added fragrances, no parabens or preservatives, no synthetic fillers or stabalizers; nothing artificial.
  • The scent comes from essential oils, and the raw butters themselves. 

The ONLY thing in this lip balm is what you see in the ingredients list above.

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I was skeptical but this works. I get cold sores and this heals them way faster then anything I have tried b4. Thanks (11 Sep 2016, 00:18)

Simply the best

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I've never had a chapstick this good. Thanks (20 Aug 2016, 12:33)
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