Pine Tar Soap (Dark)

Pine Tar Soap (Dark)
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*New and improved formula! Bars now last longer!*


This is the same soap as our original pine tar, but with four times as much pine tar per batch.

Pine tar soap was a widely used thing back years ago. Ask your Grandfather or Great-grandfather if they remember pine tar soap, and they'll most likely tell you about how it's both amazing, and not easy to find. Well, hard to find with natural ingredients, anyway.

Most pine tar soaps today are made using a blend of synthetic carcinogenic compounds and coal tar. Some soap artisans will even use the pine tar you find at the tractor supply stores, clearly marked "not for human use."
This is NOT what we use. We only use medical grade, Swedish made pine tar that we import and thoroughly inspect. It is made using a patented compression heat system, and doesn't contain carcinogenic compounds.

Once we decided to make this old fashioned soap, we also wanted to put our own spin on it. So, instead of water and lard, we used our famous formula of hand harvested coconut milk, coconut oil, and olive oil to make the soap itself. It's "old fashioned" with a twist.


Lather: This soap has a cream to dark cream colored lather
Exfoliation: None
Scent: Smokey/woodsy
Best use: This is best as a shower bar
Skin Feel: Rich, smooth, and creamy

Approximately 4 ounces.


Olive Oil

Coconut Milk

Coconut Oil


Pine Tar


Castor Oil

Himalayian Pink Salt

Special note: All the lye in our soaps turn into glycerin through a natural process. There is no lye left in the soap, and is completely safe to use.
There are no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or dyes added to this product. The ONLY thing in this soap is what is listed above.

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My husband had eczema. Constantly irritated, even by soft tee shirts. We have tried EVERYTHING to get him some relief. Expensive lotions work but slowly and just a little. I got him this soap to try out and after the first use we could two a difference. After a week it was looking great! He wasnt itchy and dry. He said his fave part was that it didn't leave a fun on his skin and smelled really good. Lol We need to stock up on this. So let me know as soon as it is back in stock! (21 Oct 2016, 22:27)

Worked for me

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I've used pine tar soaps before with pretty good success, but they're usually more expensive and not easy to find. I happened to find this and was glad someone made a extra dark version. This has worked miracles for my eczema. I was able to quit using expensive creams, and just use this. Love the feel and love the smell. (18 Aug 2016, 14:22)
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