About Us

The idea behind Paleo-Physis came from necessity. Put as plainly and simply as possible; our family has sensitive skin. The search began for products with "kind to the skin" ingredients. Problem was, even things marked as "for sensitive skin" or "natural" still contained dyes, fragrances, alcohols, and many other things we didn't want. With little choice, and after trying nearly every skincare product on the market, we'd had enough. There had to be a better way.

The answer came by way of being a DIY family. We already worked on our own house, worked on our own cars, built our own stuff... how hard could it be? It seems almost comical now, because it isn't nearly as easy as one would think. Within a very short while, we had spent hundreds on supplies to fund many, many failed batches of various things. Things didn't set up right, ingredients wouldn't mix, stabilization seemed impossible, things were too soft, too hard, too weak, too strong, too runny, or too thick. It got to the point where we nearly quit all together. It seemed hopeless, and we were quickly realizing why so many companies put so many chemicals and synthetic things in their products.

Still, we pressed on knowing there had to be a way. After weeks upon weeks of trying various combinations of different things, we finally had an item turn out. We quickly made a second batch, and it was perfect. After mastering the formula, we moved onto another item, and then another. The chemistry was coming together, the items were looking and smelling fantastic, plus they worked amazingly well and we knew they were pure!

We were so impressed with our new line of skincare that we began giving out samples to family and friends. The feedback was all positive, and they were as equally impressed that everything in the products was completely natural. No one could believe there were no added fragrances, synthetic stabilizers, fillers, dyes, or preservatives. It was such a hit, we knew we had to bring it to the public.

Thus was born, Paleolithic Nature a.k.a. Paleo-Physis.


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